Water Gen – Bringing water to the world

Water-Gen has developed unique and advanced technologies to extracts fresh water directly from the air, our most abundant water source, using unique technology we call GENius™, which enables us do it for the first time ever, in an economical sound model. GENius™ is the world’s most energy-efficient Water-From-Air module of its kind (efficiency-size-cost ratio), enabling to generate water at ₵2/liter or 300Wh/L.

Among the advantages of this technology are:

Can be easily scaled up or down to any size required. Each 1⁄2 a meter can produces about 2 Liters/Hour at 26.7°C and 60% RH.
The GENiusTM technology produces 4-5 times more water per kW.
Small size. Can replace other heat exchangers currently installed.
Low-cost structural materials.