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International Tourism Ambassador and Facilitator for the Pearl of Africa

Video of the installation ceremony as International Tourism Ambassador and Facilitator for the Pearl of Africa and Coordinator of the Presidential Initiative on sustainable tourism.

Am so honored and privileged but at the same time challenged to be appointed the International Marketing Ambassador for this beautiful country Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

An opportunity now presents itself for each one of us to take up out positions and actually take full ownership of what has been divinely entrusted into our hands by God’s Awesome Grace.

However, for us to know and really appreciate what has been entrusted to us as a erstwhile stewards, we not only have to learn and really understand who we really are, but also learn and appreciate what has been entrusted to us.

Let me begin by borrowing a leaf and terms from a great statesman and allow me to say this. I am Ugandan, a very unique proud African and while am determined to correct and make the best of the present, am positively hopeful of the future especially generations to come.

I look at myself as being part and parcel of a Nation which has actually been entrusted with the source of the Great River Nile – the White Nile, the river that gives life to Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt but to mention a few.

Uganda is actually being recognized as a top African Destination and the first Africa Country to receive this award.

The ministry of Tourism campaign TULAMBULE has generated massive interest at different International Fora, the latest being invited to receive the prestigious award on behalf of the nation, Uganda.

With these recognitions come the opportunity for the attraction of multiple investments in various sectors of our economy as the country is being showcased in a wider and larger platform for which we all should take ownership of the Uganda brand which is flying very high.

Through reforms that have recently been instituted under the able leadership of our President His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, we have recently been recognized as one of the very best places to do business in Africa and this speaks extremely well in our favor for the attraction of investment and growth.

The Luster of our Pearl shines ever so brightly as we take up this clarion call and really celebrate our uniqueness as a nation, a united people bound together by love which is our greatest of assets.


Thank you,