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Uganda’s 56th Indepencence anniversary celebrations were held at Kasasa Grounds in Kyotera District Kyotera where thousands of revelers gathered to celebrate this year’s Independence anniversary marked under the theme “Standing tall to celebrate 56 years of independence.”

 President Yoweri Museveni who arrived a little while after his scheduled time said he had taken time to oversee installation of CCTV cameras in parts of the city “I need to apologise for coming late, I was, however, doing some good job in Kampala of installing CCTV cameras. We are going to roll out the same programme along highways and the whole country,” he said. “I can assure you that all the problems I have handled in the last 55 years are bigger than terrorism. I will defeat the terrorists too.” He said CCTV cameras will go a long way in fighting urban crime and added that both the army and police are ready to defeat anybody who plans to disrupt peace.

The president emphasized the need to embrace irrigation as the only means of sustaining commercial agriculture in this agro-based economy and re-echoed his call for subsistence agriculture to be erased from people’s minds. “The problem is not just in irrigation and use of fertilizers, the problem is in the change of mind sets, our rural farmers are not appreciating commercial farming, they are just contented with subsistence farming” he said.                                                                                                      He expressed his disappointment stating that despite being the main employer with over 85 percent of Ugandans engaged in it, the agricultural sector was growing at only 3.2 per cent per year compared to 7.9 per cent of ICT, Services (7.3 per cent) and industry (6.2 per cent). To improve this, he said government this financial year would roll out irrigation projects in at least 14 districts. “There are a number of irrigation projects we are going to launch soon and they will enhance our efforts in agriculture,”

 He went on to encourage farmers to embrace technology and use of fertilizers such as those now produced in Tooro.”We have finally built a fertilizer factory in Tooro and we are grateful to our Chinese partners for doing that and we are looking forward to releasing nitrogen in the area.”