Naava Nabagesera
  • Special Presidential Assistant in political affairs to
    H.E the President of Uganda.
  • Senior Advocate
  • International Tourism Ambassador and Facilitator for the Pearl of Africa and Coordinator of the Presidential Initiative on sustainable tourism.


Take a walk through the streets in all towns in the country and one wave is sweeping the teens, youths and an ever growing section of senior citizens-SOCIAL MEDIA. And for those that have somehow managed to survive this wave, there has been no shield from the Mobile Money wave that even those in the most rural settings and anyone still using the not so fancy cellphone have embraced. With the social media addiction and inevitable use of mobile transactions, it was only a matter of time before these became viable revenue sources for the taxman.

With an ever expanding economy and an Read More

The sixteen year long wait for another election in the smallest administrative units in the country came to an end on the 10th of July as millions of Ugandans flocked polling stations to excercise their constitutional right to elect leaders of their choice. The ruling party, opposition parties and independents all fronted candidates ready to tussle it out for the office with the campaigns attracting an unprecedented amount of hype as heavy public address systems, mammoth crowds and detailed manifestos likened them to parliamentary contests. 
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Move to any corner of this country and one word will cut across most conversations- Budget. Having witnessed Finance Minister Hon. Matia Kasaija read the 2018/2019 budget to an eagerly waiting audience of lawmakers, foreign dignitories and other stake holders, majority of the public simply focussed on the newly introduced taxes on social media and mobile money transactions and have since spent most of their time wallowing in self pity in anticipation of its aftermath and overlooking the gains registered there in. However, for anyone that understands the tourism sector, there is a lot to Read More

For every Ugandan, the State of Nation Address a simple reminder that the Budget is around the corner and in the days of old, this meant stocking food and other basics in anticipation of price hikes. It reminded some to take showers and put on their best outfit, only the chosen few suspected to have great memory were granted the opportunity to sit close enough to the radio or peek at the T.V to witness this annual event which usually bred thousands of self appointed analysts who for the next couple of weeks desiphered its contents and hatched endless conspiracies. Gone are the good old Read More

The youngest child in a family of six, Naava Nabagesera was born to a middle-class Kiganda family. The fact that her mother is the daughter of the late kabaka (king) Daudi Chwa (father of Kabaka Mutesa II) of the Buganda kingdom means that Nabagesera is of royal descent. However, since the Buganda monarchy was abolished in 1966, this aspect of her lineage carried very little significance in Nabagesera's formative years. Despite the fact that her mother was raised in the palace, she does not hold any diplomas or degree certificates. However, she has established herself as a very astute Read More